Monday, April 1, 2013

Hisoka Lemon - Sensitive

She wasn't quite sure how it had happened. Actually that was a lie. She knew exactly how it had happened. She been thinking, well really daydreaming, about what she was going to do next. Now that she had her hunter license, a hundred doors seemed to open before her. But caught up in her plans, somehow she'd ended up alone in the lecture hall. With him. And she was fairly certain that she couldn't just get up and walk right out.
She had no other choice though and she doubted that he'd kill her so she took her chances and rose from her seat in the middle of the row and moved to the aisle. As soon as she'd reached the aisle, he was there, in front of her, looking down at her with a sick smirk and caging her in, a tones arm on each of the table tops beside her. He reached out and brushed his fingertips over her hips and up her side. His touch became firmer as he moved over her breasts, then ghosted back down over her tummy. She sighed in pleasure as he came to rest on her nether regions, rubbing her firmly. Her hips ground erotically against his fingers and her hands came up to grip his arms before sliding up over his shoulders and clawing their way down his chest. God, he made her feel so good. And they'd barely even started.
He stopped rubbing her and she would've complained, had her shirt not come off in the same moment. She'd been in a hurry that morning and had forgotten a bra, something which she was thankful for now. He cupped the soft mounds and began to play with them squeezing and rubbing them. Then his fingers moved to toy with her nipples.
"Ah, you make the cutest faces. And sex noises. Now I'm getting excited." he spoke, something between a low groan and a chuckle.
Her eyes slid from closed in pleasurable bliss to half open, a spark of mischief twinkling behind lust. Her hand moved up to feather over his crotch and he gave a little gasp. He pinched her nipples and twisted them lightly, prompting her to claw up and down his shaft through his pants, occasionally tapping the head with her pointer finger.
"Mmmh naughty boy, wet already?" she whispered seductively, noticing the little damp spot  forming where the head of his arousal was.
"It's hardly my fault when your the one seducing me." he accused, bringing his head down to lap at her nipple.
"Ah.." she whimpered. In response she then wound her arms around him, slipped her hands into the waistband of his pants and dragged her nails up his ass, not enough to draw blood, but enough so that he moaned from the erotic pleasure.
"Me seduce you? You're the one who came over here and started rubbing me." she retorted as she massaged his ass. He moaned around her nipple, pausing to soak in the pleasure. He pulled away, replacing his mouth with his hands and tossed his head back as her finger nails raked over his soft skin again. He gave a loud moan and she chuckled.
"What can I say, I'm sensitive. And it wouldn't have happened if you didn't do stuff like this." he said glaring down at her as she lapped away at a nipple.
"Mmm, don't lie, you love it." she accused with a laugh, then lowered herself to his waist, pulling his pants and boxers down in the process. Still chuckling, she took him into her mouth and bobbed her head up and down. The vibrations from her laugh turned hum throbbed through him in a way that made him want to spill his load in her mouth already.
"Ohh yesss...." he drawled, bucking his hips into her mouth.
"Mmmm..."  She looked up at him mischievously, knowing the effect her moan would have on him.
His eyes rolled back into his skull, his head lolled back and his eyelids fluttered rapidly. A sexy groan came out of his open mouth and his knees threatened to buckle.
She began to push him farther into her throat until she'd managed to fit all of him inside her hot little mouth. She sucked and bobbed her head until she felt his cock beginning to pulsate and his thighs quiver. She pulled away then licked from the base of his cock up his abdomen and chest until she was standing then pressed her lips against his. He turned his head away from her.
"...let me cum first..." he mumbled as he shot her a sideways glance.
Her eyes narrowed in disbelief but she dropped to her knees again and sucked him hard, bobbing her head fast along his shaft. He spilled into her mouth, and she closed her mouth around the load. She stood pressed her lips against his and forced his seed into his mouth.
"Swallow." She commanded, placing a finger against his lips as he grimaced at the taste. He gulped then attacked her mouth forcing it open and exploring every little crevice. Through the kiss, he lifted her up onto the edge of a table. Suddenly, he shoved her chest back, yanked her pants off and spread her legs as wide as he could. A skimpy pair of black lacy panties was the only thing left clothing her.He brought his arousal to her crotch and began grinding against her roughly.
"That was nasty you know." he spat and rubbed viciously at her clit through the lace.
"Ah-Ahhh" she whimpered and moaned, "Ngh, please, Hisoka, just fuck me already."
He hooked his finger into her panties, yanked them off and plunged into her all in the same second.
"Fuckk... God, Hisoka, you're so huge."
He said nothing, simply pounding her into the wooden table. Surprising it didn't break, considering the force. He grasped her hips and lifted her up, enjoying the sound her screaming at the new angle.
When she came, he just kept on pounding into her, moaning at the way her walls spasmed around him and relishing her juices dripping out of her hot pussy.
He began hitting her g-spot and she moaned in pleasure. It wasn't long before she came again and this time he came with her, moaning each other's names. He pounded deep into her and his hot seed went flowing into her.
He pulled out of her a little cum dripping onto the table. She lay there panting for a few seconds before she sat up and hopped of the table. She looked down and saw the mess.
"Ew Hisoka you made a mess."
"That wasn't me. It's not my fault your little pussy can't hold all of my cum," he lied, "Lick it up."
She rolled her eyes and turned around to lick it up. He couldn't help but stare at her round ass as she bent over to lap up his seed and he moved to grab her hips.
"Up for another round?"
"Mmm sounds great," she said, looking over her shoulder at him. He drove into her and leaned over to claim her mouth. She moaned and  nipped a little at his lips before letting him into her mouth. He rubbed his tongue against hers as he wound his hand underneath her to rub at her aroused clit.
She gasped against his mouth and he took full control of the kiss, playing with her to his hearts content. He lifted her hips up off the ground. Her arms collapsed and she moaned his name as she came. Feeling her inner walls clenching around his throbbing dick sent him over the edge as well, her name on his tongue.
He pulled out panting and sat back on one of the steps in the aisle to catch his breath, then set about snatching his clothes up from the places they'd been tossed to. He dressed and turned to see her in her shorts, topless, and searching for her shirt. He noticed it underneath a table, just hidden from her view, and he was tempted to grab it without her knowing. He smirked, imagining her having to go out topless and blushing until she found something to cover herself with. When he glanced back at her, he realized he'd been looking at it a tad too long and she'd followed his gaze to her runaway shirt. She snatched it up, tugged it back on and looked him with a deadly glare.
"In your dreams!"

Monday, January 23, 2012

Ichigo Lemon - Miss You

Name: Symara
Race: Shinigami (Squad 11)

Story... START!!!

As soon as she spotted his bright orange mop of hair coming through the spirit gate, she beelined over behind him, then launched herself onto his back, giggling wildly as the unexpected weight caused Ichigo to fall over.
“ICHIIIGO!!! I MISSED YOU!!!” she squealed, mussing up his hair while he attempted to get her off of his back.
“Symara, I swear you have ten seconds to get off me. If you’re not off by then…” he let the threat hang loose in the air.
“Awwww someone’s in a bad mood!” she said, scrambling off of him. “ So why’re you here?”
“He’s been invited to the meeting.” Said Zaraki-taicho.
“Boo, so you aren’t here to see me?!” she said incredulously.
“Stupid, why would someone come here just to visit you.” Said Ichigo, flicking her in the forehead with his pointer finger.
“You’re so mean to me!!!” she yelped, “Oh but I have something I want to show you after the meeting, ‘kay?” she continued, then ran off without waiting for a reply. Ichigo rolled his eyes at her shrinking figure.
*Later after the meeting*
Symara shifted her weight impatiently behind her column, peering out around it and checking to see if the meeting was over, seemingly for the hundredth time. She whined quietly under her breath then shut her mouth when she heard the door creak open.
“ICHIIIGO!!!” she shouted, tackling him for the second time that day.
“Mara, quit it! That hurts!”  Ichigo said, his face pinched in either anger or annoyance at having his face smashed into the ground also for the second time that day.
“I'm sorry! But I have something really cool I want to show you!” she said, offering him help up, to which he stubbornly refused.
“Fine, show it to me.” he replied grouchily.
“Ooh ooh! Come with me! Come with me!” she chattered excitedly, dragging him along by the hand.
When she finally allowed them to stop, they were fairly far away from the village. Brilliant green grass waved beneath their feet, cloaking the hill they were standing on from the crest where they’d halted all the way until the dirt ended and a crystal clear lake sparkled. On the other side of the lake were mountains, their peaks tipped with frost.
Symara let out a dreamy sigh.
“Isn’t it beautiful?” She whispered.
Ichigo nodded speechless. He didn’t even protest when she pulled him down to sit on the soft carpet of grass next to her.
“It’s even more beautiful when the sun is setting. I don’t think we’ll have to wait too long.” She said, smiling. But even that time proved to be too long and within ten minutes she’d fallen asleep. Her head had fallen onto Ichigo’s shoulder and he just let it rest there.
Soon, he saw that the sun was drawing precariously close to the sharp mountain tops, the sky stained orange. He reached over to shake Symara’s shoulder then stopped when he saw her face, illuminated in the brilliantly colored sky. Her smooth olive skin glowed, faintly reflecting the oranges and pinks of the sky. Her eyelashes looked full and dark as she slumbered and there the slightest smile on her lips. Her full, red…
Their lips met without either of them knowing at first, Ichigo too caught up in the moment to realize what he was doing and Symara still unconscious. Her liquid brown eyes fluttered open to meet his closed ones and, momentarily stunned at the close proximity, she jerked back. The kiss wasn’t broken though, Ichigo moving with her until she was underneath him. Her eyes closed shut and she wrapped her arms around Ichigo’s neck, pulling him closer to her. This seemed to bring him back to his senses and he opened his eyes, breaking the kiss.
“Mara.” He whispered, pressing his mouth back against hers. He licked her lower lip and she opened without hesitation. She moaned into the kiss as he explored her mouth, rubbing his tongue up against hers.
She gave a slight shove and succeeded in rolling the both of them over, so her body on top of his, her legs between his spread ones. After a playful kissing battle, Ichigo pushed their bodies off of the ground. Symara sat back on folded legs, positioned in between his. He untied her sash and slid the sleeves of her top off of her, leaving her chest exposed to him. Her arms instinctively went to cover her chest but he grabbed her wrists, pushed her to the ground and pinned them beside her head.
“You’re beautiful.” He whispered.
He started kissing her, traveling from her ear to her lips, spending more time on her neck and then finally, making his way over her mounds to her little nubs, hardened in the chilly breeze. He nipped at them playfully his hands and mouth taking turns on each one. He pinched and rolled on around in his fingers while he sucked on the other. Symara’s breathing quickly became rapid, pleasured gasps, squeaking when he stopped.
He ripped the rest of her clothed off of her thin frame, not caring where they landed and pulled his top off as well, exposing to her his well-sculpted chest. His fingers went to her wet arousal and he fingered her lightly for a second until she whined in protest at his teasing. He slipped a single finger inside her warm cavern and she gasped at the feeling. He pumped the finger in and out until he decided that she was ready for another. He pumped faster then began to scissor her, trying to prepare her for what was coming. She moaned loudly and her hips bucked wildly into his hand. He attempted to fit another finger in, but stopped when she began squirming at the uncomfortable feeling. So Ichigo simply continued thrusting into her with two fingers.
It wasn’t long until she came all over his hand. He removed it from her glistening, red flower and licked it seductively, watching as a bright red blush spread over her already flushed cheeks.
“You taste delicious.” He said dirtily, chuckling gleefully when she buried her face in her hands.
He tugged the rest of his clothing away from his body and brushed the tip of his fully hardened arousal against her untamed flower.
“Ready?” he asked. She nodded in response and fastened her arms around his neck.
She dug her nails into his back as he ripped into her, clawing hard enough to draw blood. She clamped her mouth shut to keep from screaming. She tried desperately to focus on something else, anything. Ichigo’s hot body on top of her’s. The soft, cool grass on her back.
Eventually the pain began to dull until it completely gave way to pleasure. She opened her eyes, which she’d shut in an attempt to keep out the pain and found Ichigo resting stiffly above her. She wondered how he felt, forcing himself to stay still as a statue when he obviously wanted so badly to move. She began to rub her nether regions against his, silently telling him to pound into her, as fast and as hard as he could.
He didn’t waste a moment. No sooner had he understood, he pulled out then slammed back into her, eliciting a small yelp of pleasure from her.
“Fuck, Mara, you’re so fucking tight.” He growled. She moaned in response, bucking her hips up to meet his. He reached down to wrap her legs around his waist, allowing him to pound in even deeper. A spark seemed to explode in her mind every time he thrusted into her, consistently hitting a sensitive bundle of nerves.
“Mmmm-mmmm!!! Ichigo! Ichigo!” she yelped, “Mmm… I-I'm cumming!”
Symara became dead to the world as her orgasm hit, white light painting her vision, a fireworks exploding throughout her body. Once the pleasure began to fade away, she opened her eyes to see Ichigo panting. He pulled his now limp member out of her, then flopped over next to her, drawing her close.
“I’m glad I came to visit you.” He spoke after a while.
“I’ll miss you once you’re gone.” she replied.
“Yeah, me too.” He trailed off. “I love you.” he said, planting a kiss on her head.
“I love you, too.” she whispered before drifting off.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Grimmjow Lemon - The Bet

Name: Shizuka Kirihara
Race: Arrancar
Rank: 3 (Because as of right now I dislike Harribel. I don’t know why. Where I am in the series, I haven’t even “met” her yet… So basically in this Bleach fantasy world- There. Is. No. Harribel)

We were all bored. As usual. Aizen had ordered us to keep out of the Shinigami’s way for now, so the more energetic members of the Espada had taken to challenging other Espada to fights. Namely, Grimmjow and Noitra. Not that they didn’t already do that on a weekly basis… Even the more calm and peaceful Arrancar, like myself, were more aggressive than usual. Like just the slightest push of some imaginary button put me in an annoyed rampage. Ulquiorra was the only one who seemed completely unaffected. That’s no surprise though.
“SHIZUKA!” Grimmjow yelled almost in my ear, making me jump slightly. My hand moved without me thinking. I felt the back of my hand make contact with his jaw. Before I realized, I’d knocked him back into one of the pearl white marble columns that were dispersed throughout this place.
“About damn time! I’ve been yelling in your ear for a fucking hour for you to fight me!” He said, extracting himself from the rubble.
“Oh, is that all you wanted?” I replied, “I don’t feel like fighting.”
“FUUUUUCK!!!” He shouted running at me all the same. His path was obscured by someone knocking a whole through the wall. Noitra was trying vainly to get Ulquiorra to fight him.
“Ha! He won't last a minute.” Said Grimmjow who was now standing on my side of the reckage.
“Ulquiorra won't put much effort into it so, Noitra could probably last five.” I speculated.
“If I’m right you have to be my slave for today.”
“And if I’m right you’ll be mine.”
“Deal.” He confirmed.
I smirked certain I would win. Now what would I make him do first? Massage my feet? That sounded like a perfect plan for humiliating him.
Of course, Ulquiorra just had to be in a hurry today of all days and shot a perfectly aimed cero that blasted Noitra right out of Los Noches.
Fuck. I thought. Why? Why! WHY?!?!? There wasn’t even any way to argue with Grimmjow about it. That brilliant green cero had definitely been within the minute.
The horror must have been apparent in my eyes because Grimmjow’s little smirk blossomed into a full blown Cheshire-cat-grin. He strode over and I braced myself for whatever gloating he would make. But he said nothing, simply grabbing me by the hair and proceeding to pull me down another hallway.
At first I was too stunned at this treatment to even find the words to protest. But I soon regained command of my mouth and brain.
“Hey that hurts! You’re pulling out my hair! Let go!!!” I screamed. He stopped abruptly and shoved me into the wall, pinning my shoulders back with his hands.
“I won the bet fair and square. I’m the one who gets to tell you what to do. Not the other way around.” He hissed, then continued dragging me by the hair until we reached a door which I was roughly tossed through, landing on the floor. I glared at him as he followed behind me, shutting and locking the door.
It never even occurred to me to be frightened.
“So, what the fuck do you want?” I asked as scornfully as I could.
He refused to answer me, instead he pushed me against the wall, jerked my head to the side and bit down into my shoulder. Hard.
“Ow!” I whined, “Why’d you do that?!”
“Blow me.”
I couldn’t have heard him correctly.
“I said, “Blow me.’” he commanded.
“No!” I squealed, feeling the blood rush to my face. Thankfully, I never turn very red and the room was too dark to see the pink that was probably dusted across my face.
He didn’t seem to appreciate my objection, giving a huff then grasping at my hair (yet again) and forcing me down to my knees.
“Don’t you dare try and back out of this. I won and you know it.”
For a moment I considered trying to back out. But I had this thing where I never went back on my word. I just felt that if I don’t keep my promises then I'm nothing more than an animal. A ferocious monster in the shape of a person.
I could see a bulge in his crotch and my breath hitched as I realized I was mere inches away from his manhood. I tried to shrink away but his grip in my hair wouldn’t allow it. He only brought me closer, to the point where my face was almost buried in the folds of his loose pants that couldn’t quite hide his erection.
I took a breath and gulped as my fingers went to the waistband. His fingers loosened slightly in my hair, lessening the pain in my scalp. I pushed his pants down over his thighs and then let then fall to the floor. Since he still wasn’t letting me move away from him, his penis brushed over my nose as it sprang free.
I gave him a tentative lick across his slit, wiping away a bit of glistening precum. I heard him let out of a breath of pleasure. So I did it again, starting at the base and licking all the way to the tip, tracing a thin vein on the underside of his manhood. For a moment, his fingers tightened in my hair. But not in the painful way as before. As soon as my tongue left him, they loosened again. I decided that he must like that. I continued licking, up the sides, across the head, until his reactions were less noticeable. So then I opened my mouth and took the head into it. I began to dance my tongue around him, flicking it across the slit, then swirling it around him. He moaned and bucked his hips. I pulled away from, trying to keep his length from choking me. He definitely didn’t like that.
He pushed my head back towards him, forcing me to allow him farther into my mouth. I could do nothing but sit there, whimper and try not to choke too much as he fucked my mouth, shoving his length down my throat then pulling it away just as quickly only to repeat the process again. He finally stopped thrusting, sheathing his entire dick in my mouth and throat and then stilling. He looked down at me.
“Well, keep going.” He said.
I pushed my eyebrows together in displeasure. Then did as he asked. I began to bob my head up and down and flicking my tongue out to tease him a little. He seemed to be getting annoyed at that so I stopped and just sucked him. Hard.
After a little bit, he began to moan more frequently and I bobbed my head until he released in my mouth. It was horrible. The jet of cum shot down my throat, thick and sticky, and when he pulled out, I could still taste it on my tongue. I tried spitting some of it out. That helped a little.
“You taste terrible.” I stated bluntly.
He merely grunted in reply then shoved back onto my feet and up against the wall. He pressed his mouth roughly against mine and forced my mouth open. I felt his hot wet tongue invading my mouth, rubbing against my tongue, exploring and mapping out the entire cavern. I tried shoving him off with a small squeak of indignation but I only succeeded at the squeak.
He finally pulled away for air and said gruffly, “Stop struggling. It’s really annoying.”
That really ticked me off. When he tried to violate my mouth for a second time, I stubbornly refused, putting every ounce of my strength into clenching my teeth together and clamping my lips shut. He attempted and failed to force my mouth open with just his tongue. I almost smirked, thinking I’d won.
He took a new approach and grabbed roughly at my 34C size breasts. I gasp and he took the opportunity to slip his tongue past my broken defenses. Even after he’d infiltrated my mouth, he didn’t let go of my chest, although he didn’t squeeze as roughly as he first had.
He pulled away from my lips and nuzzled his face in my hair then whispered, “Mmmmm... They’re so soft.” Right in my ear.
My face burned red. He tugged me away from the wall and slung me easily over his shoulder. He placed his hand on my ass to keep me there and began to grope me, squeezing at each cheek, pressing in various directions. He flung me down onto his bed stomach first and sat on the backs of my knees. His hands kneaded my butt. He passed them up over each cheek towards my waist band, fastened his fingers under it then pulled them all the way off, leaving my lower half exposed, save for my red lacy panties. He continued to grope my ass. Then I felt one of his fingers flutter over the crotch of my underwear. I gasped at the feeling. He chuckled.
“You must be a virgin. Reacting like that to just a little touch.” He said, then rubbing my nether regions harder, his assumption proven true when I moaned loudly. “Hmm… Why don’t we save this for last.”
He flipped me over, pulling my top off somewhere in the process, exposing my substantial chest to him.
“You’re even bigger than I thought. You shouldn’t wear such loose clothing. A rack like this needs to be admired.” He said, slapping my breasts, grinning at the sight of them jiggling. The slapping and consequential jiggling continued until I nearly began to cry from the pain. My breasts were red and they hurt so much from the jerky movements.
“Stop. Please, stop.” I whimpered, tears in my eyes. Grimmjow looked up, noticing for the first time the pain I was in. He complied, surprisingly. He leaned down and darted his tongue out over my sensitive nipple, flicking it out to dance on the hardening nub. I moaned.
“Mmmm… More.” I gasped out.
He moved his mouth to the other breast and massaged with his hands the mound he’d just left. He took my nipple fully into his mouth and sucked, grazing it with his teeth.
At this point I was too far gone into the pleasure to object to anything he did to me. Actually I found myself wanting more. I was very aware of the hot wetness that was building between my legs. I ground my arousal against his, finding he was very hard again, causing him to bite down lightly on my breast before snaking his way down my body, kissing over my stomach as he went. When he reached the top of my panties, he wasted no time in gripping them with his teeth and tugging them down savagely. He looked at my wet, aroused womanhood and I felt the desire to snap my legs shut. He took his thumb and rubbed it along the outside of the nub, separating my lips and allowing him a fuller view. I gasped as he slid the appendage slowly into me then moaned as he began to move it in and out.
It wasn’t long before that wasn’t enough so he pulled it out then began thrusting in his pointer and second finger. He hooked his fingers inside of me, making a beckoning motion and my hips bucked wildly at the feeling of his fingertips scraping along the inner walls of my cavern.
When his fingers left me, I almost protested but then was stopped short in my tracks as I felt his tongue delve into me. My hips bucked hopelessly into his mouth until he had to hold them down. I pressed my hand against my mouth in a poor attempt to cover the moans when he mapped out the entire cavern, then swirled his tongue in a circle. It wasn’t long until I came and he drank up every last drop. He crawled back up my body then kissed me, making me taste myself. I felt him spread my legs apart then ram into me with his cock. The kiss muffled the scream that followed but it didn’t cover up the pain. I felt as if I were being split in half.
He rocked gently back and forth inside me until the pain morphed into nothing but pure pleasure. I kissed him back to let him know.
Almost immediately, he pulled out nearly all the way, only slam back into me. He pounded me into the bed, so hard that with each thrust I shifted up a few inches. He enjoyed watching my breasts bounce from the force.
Grimmjow grabbed my legs and tossed them over his shoulders. The new angle made me scream. He pounded into my G-spot over and over. I could feel myself coming to an end and I think he was too.
When we came together, fireworks exploded across my mind, covering my vision in white. When it finally cleared, Grimmjow was still on top of me, glistening and panting heavily. He collapsed on me, pulled out then rolled both of us over, so that I was wrapped in his arms, pressed against his chest. He pulled the sheets over us and before I realized it, we’d both drifted off into oblivion.

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Kanda Lemon - Cherry Blossoms

Name: Misa Kobayashi 
Age: 17

“Ugh, I’ll never get this stench out of my hair!” I said, as I walked into our inn room behind Kanda.
“Only you would be worried about how your hair smelt.” Kanda stated blankly, plopping down onto the one king sized bed.
“Hey! Who said you were getting the bed!” I squealed. No way was I sleeping on the floor. After all I was the girl. Although, unlike Allen, Kanda wasn’t exactly known for being a gentleman.
“Can’t we just share it then?”
“Ewww! Don’t be a perv, Yu!” I said whacking him in the head with a book.
“What the hell was that for?! I wasn’t being perverted!!! You're the one who made it that way!” yelled Kanda.
I huffed. It was hard for me to argue with Kanda, he had a knack for being right when it came to me. Actually, it was hard for me to argue with people in general.
“Whatever, I'm going to take a shower.” I said, unwillingly accepting my defeat and stomping off angrily to the bathroom.
I let the relaxing water run over my body and then focused on trying to wash the dead-akuma smell off of me. Once I decided it was probably gone, I stepped out and dried off. I looked around for my change of clothes but didn’t see them anywhere. Is Yu pranking me or something? No Yu wouldn’t do that. Then I realized that in my dramatic huff to the bathroom, I’d forgotten to get clean clothes. Wrapping the towel around me, I opened the door a crack and saw Kanda asleep on the bed. I smiled, thinking of how much nicer he looked when he was sleeping. Then I quickly padded over to my suitcase and unlatched it, rummaging around for my pajamas.
Suddenly I heard a yell behind me. I jumped slightly and turned around. I saw Kanda who had Mugen draw and was panting slightly. Nightmare, I guessed. Then I noticed something else, red dusting his cheeks. He averted his eyes then whipped his head around.
“Misa, you… dropped something.” He muttered reaching for a box of tissues.
“AHHHH!!” I screeched grabbing my fallen towel off the floor. “PERVERT!!!!”  I accused.
“You’re the fucking moron who decided to drop her towel!!” he yelled back, just as loud.
I quickly slipped into my nightdress then hopped onto my side of the bed. I pulled the extra pillows from the head board and made a makeshift wall between them.
“There.” I said once I had finished arranging them. “Goodnight, Yu-kun!” I said sweetly.
“Hmph, yeah whatever. Geez, you’d think I was some serial rapist or something.” He muttered.

It seemed like I’d only been asleep for five minutes before I was awoken.
“Eh? What time is i- H-Hey K-Kanda? What the hell are you doing?” my eyes widened to take in Kanda, propped up over me.
“Well, you gave me a bit of a problem. So it’s only fair that you fix it.” He said leaning down to brush his lips against mine lightly then ground his hips against mine, allowing me to feel exactly what he was talking about.
I breathed in heavily, whimpering slightly, “K-K-Kanda, please don’t.” he didn’t listen. I tried again, “Yu-kun, please, don’t r-rape me.” I felt Kanda stiffen slightly above me and wondered if he’d planned on taking it that far.
He slammed his lips onto mine and mine moved in sync with his, fueled by my secret love for him, although I knew he didn’t feel the same way. Even now, it was just his hormones acting. He licked my bottom lip and I opened my mouth, willingly allowing him to take full control.
A moan escaped my throat and he smirked against my lips. “Pretty soon, you’ll be wanting me as much as I want you.” He whispered, moving his lips to my ear, then nibbling on the soft skin there, making me gasp.
“K-Kanda.” I breathed as his lips whispered down my jawline and throat. He began searching around for my soft spot and latched onto it once he’d found it eliciting yet another moan from me. His hands slid up my sides, then moved to cup my breasts. He rubbed them gently and I arched my chest against his hands, wanting to feel him touch me harder.
“More.” I whimpered. He complied massaging my breasts with more force now. He kissed my lips then quickly pulled my nightdress off of me. His hands returned to my now bare breasts and he began playing with the nipples, pinching and rolling them in his fingers until they were hard. The whole time he was staring at my flushed face, his lust-filled eyes bearing into my identical ones.
He moved his mouth to my left breast and began suckling on it like a baby would. One of his hands massaged my right breast while the other slipped downwards to rub my wet flower. He smirked, “You're already wet, naughty girl.”
“If you hadn’t been touching me like that I wouldn’t have bothered.” I whispered shakily. His fingers weaved around the fabric of my panties and he slid one gently into me. I gasped at the foreign but pleasurable feeling. He pumped that one finger in and out of me for a while until he decided I was ready for another. He continued pumping then began to scissor me, attempting to stretch me out some.
His movements had me moaning with every pump, and he soon added even more of his fingers until I whined lightly in pain at the insertion of the fourth. As he pulled his fingers out of me, he caught my underwear and pulled that off.
“How come I’m completely naked, yet you’re fully clothed? That’s not very fair.” I complained. He rolled his eyes at my whining then slipped his shirt off. “Better?” he said.
I couldn’t help but stare at his chest. His muscles were awesome!
He chuckled slightly then leaned down to lick my cheek. “Hey, you’re staring.”
I blushed and looked away, then moved my hands slowly to his pants. Impatient as always, he grabbed my hands and guided them quickly the rest of the way. I wrapped my fingers around the waistband then tugged them down, he shifted above me to take them off the rest of the way.
I wrapped my thin fingers around his shaft and nervously looked up at his face. His eyes were closed in bliss. When they opened again, he nodded at me, coaxing me to go on. Unsure of what to do next, I began moving my hand up and down his hard member.
When I noticed his arms beginning to tremble on either side of me, I flipped us over so that I could be on top. I moved down his body and in a daring move, engulfed the upper part of his member, leaving my hands to pleasure the base. I bobbed my head slowly, sucking and using my tongue to pleasure him, encouraged on by loud moans from Kanda. I felt him throbbing in my mouth and I glanced up at his face. His eyes were closed again. I felt him cumming into my mouth and I pulled away, my mouth full of his seed. It tasted nasty. I wanted to spit it out but I didn’t want to hurt Kanda’s feelings.
“You don’t have to swallow it, Misa. Just spit it out if you don’t like it.” He said.
Who would like the taste of sperm?! I wondered, spitting the fluid out onto the sheets. I was then flipped back underneath Kanda. He used his knee to spread my legs apart and positioned himself at my entrance.
 I nodded, suddenly feeling a bit nervous.
Kanda pushed into me quickly. I gasped as my virgin barrier was broken. I squirmed beneath him, trying in vain to wiggle away. After a long moment of pure pain for me, and what seemed like pure bliss to Kanda, he pulled out and slid back into me as gently as he could. But it still hurt. Kanda looked at my face and saw tears squeezing out of my eyes. He brushed them away as he sheathed himself in me yet a again, keeping a slow but steady pace. He leaned down and whispered, “Just bear with it for a little, it’ll stop hurting soon.” Against my lips.
I whimpered in reply, digging my finger nails into his back to the point where I could feel drops of blood forming at my fingertips.
He was right and eventually, although it seemed like an eternity to me, the pain faded away. I pressed my lips against his to let him know that he could move faster now.
He didn’t waste a second. As soon as he got the message, he began pounding me into the bed. I moaned loudly, tossing my head from side to side. My hips bucked up to meet his and he grabbed my legs and threw them over his shoulders, beginning to penetrate me even deeper. My moans grew louder and they seemed to make him thrust harder and faster.
Suddenly, I felt the hot coil in my stomach release.
“Kanda!” I screamed as our juices mixed together. After the white cleared from behind my eyes, I relaxed back into the pillows, trying to regain my breath.
“Kanda.” I mumbled.
“Can you get off me? I can't breathe.” He finally seemed to realize that he’d collapsed on top of me. He rolled off me then pulled me into his chest, wrapping his arms around me tightly. He buried his nose into my hair and breathed in deeply.
“Mmmm. You smell like cherry blossoms.” he said.
“Reminds you of home doesn’t it?” I said. He paused.
“Yeah. They’d be in full blossom right about now, huh?”
“Someday this war will all be over, and we’ll get to go back home and watch the cherry blossoms bloom together.”
“Yeah, I’d like that.”
After I was pretty sure he’d drifted off to sleep, I spoke the words I’d been too scared to say to his face.
“I love you… Kanda.”
“I love you too.” He mumbled into my hair, “Now go to sleep already!”

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Sasuke Lemon - So This Is Hell

Name: Haromi Miyamoto
A loud crash coming from the room above me woke me from my slumber. I kept my eyes shut and took a deep breath in. The smell nearly made me retch and my eyes flew open. Now I remembered where I was. In a small, dark, moldy stone room that Orochimaru had imprisoned me in. I wrinkled my nose and tried to ignore the stench.
I started to push myself up into a sitting position, then gasped as a dull pain throbbed in my sprained wrist, courtesy of Kabuto. I hissed then cradled my wrist to my chest.
The door slammed open as if by explosion and I jumped back into a damp corner. I squinted into the sudden brightness, studying the persons outline. Sasuke.

“What time is it?” I asked rudely.
“How should I know?” he shot back.
“Uh, well you're not the one stuck in a room with no windows and no clock. Go outside and find out if it’s night or day I cant tell in here.” I said sassily.
“Last time I checked, you were the prisoner and prisoners arent the ones who get to give orders.” He glared at me harshly.
 “Fine. I take it I don’t get to know what time it is or how long I’ve been here then.” I sighed. “Stupid jerk. If he hadn’t gone running to Orochimommy for power then I’d so be able to whip his ass.” I muttered so he didn’t hear me. AT ALL.
He smirked. “Maybe if you ask nicely I might tell you what time it is.” He said, walking across the room towards me. The room was small, and his stride had lengthened since I last saw him, so he reached me quickly. He stood right in front of me, feet shoulder-width apart, his sharingan eyes glaring down at me. Suddenly, I felt small and had the urge to hide, his eyes were full of hatred, vengeance and bloodlust. I could feel my breath hitching in my chest, but I couldn’t the shaky breaths to even out. He smirked again, sensing the fear rolling off of my body.
I was so completely… mesmerized by his terrifying eyes, that I didn’t even realize he’d moved until he had me by the arm, dragging me out of the door. I instinctively began struggling though I had absolutely zero chance of escape.
“Hey. Hey! Let go of me, bastard!” I yelled, attempting to wrench my arm from his grasp but only managing to give myself an indian sunburn. He ignored my struggles completely, showing no sign of effort in keeping a hold of me.
He stopped, flung open a door in the hallway, tossed me inside, then closed the door behind himself, immersing us in total darkness. My eyes began to adjust and I could barely make out a large rectangular box shaped thing in the middle of the room. I started theorizing what it could be before I was suddenly slammed into the wall, my breath getting knocked out of me in the process. I felt Sasuke press himself roughly against me, making it difficult to breath evenly again. I could feel him breathing on my neck. I think I knew what that was in the middle of the room was.
I struggled as hard as I could against him, but he’d pinned me in all the perfect places. His legs held mine down, so I couldn’t knee him where the sun don’t shine. He had my wrists pinned to the wall by my head, and his chest was pressed so hard against mine that it hurt my boobs.
I realized quickly that struggling would get me nowhere, so I decided to try pleading with him. As soon as I opened my mouth, he slammed his lips onto mine. I immediately closed my mouth tightly, refusing to let him in. He tried to force his tongue into my mouth but I wouldn’t budge. Angrily, he grabbed my breast and I gasped in disbelief. Or at least so I told myself. He took the opportunity to slip his tongue into my mouth. I bit down as hard as I could and felt blood fill my mouth. He pulled away from my bruised lips grimacing in pain, then slapped me across the face. He pulled my wrists above my head, tied them to what felt like a metal ring then returned his hands to my breasts. He squeezed harshly and I whimpered in pain.
“How does that feel? You know I could always squeeze harder.” He said threateningly. And he did. It felt like they would pop or something and I screamed. He only laughed, keeping his vice tight grip, seeming to take joy in watching me scream and wriggle in pain against him. After what seemed like an eternity, he let go. He grabbed my head and made me look at him. He leaned in so our noses were almost touching then whispered, “Now, we can do this the easy way or the painful way. You can choose, but either way I will get exactly what I want from you.
I looked away, tears filling my eyes, then forced my body to relax back against the wall, instead of using in as a spring board to push against Sasuke.
“Smart girl.” He chuckled. He pushed his lips back onto mine, a little bit more gently this time then slipped his tongue between my already open lips. I tried to hold still as he violated me but every once in a while my body would convulse slightly against him. His hands slid from my face down the front of my body, slowing considerably over my chest. Once he reached the bottom of my shirt, his hands slipped under it then slowly back up. When he reached my bra, his hands slid under that to, making me gasp and flinch as his cold hands cupped my breasts. Suddenly, he snatched his hands away from my shirt, produced a kunai and tore my shirt and bra right off, without even nicking my skin. Those fell off and my pants were quick to follow. Now completely naked, not to mention tied up, before Sasuke, who was still completely clothed, I felt my cheeks heat up, a rosy blush spreading down my neck. He appraised as if I was cattle he was thinking of buying, then smirked, bent down, and breathed hotly on my nether regions. I gasped and tried to close my legs, but found it impossible since he had his hands on my thighs holding my legs open. I made a small squeaking noise as he trailed his tongue all the way up from my pussy to the valley of my breasts. He played with my breasts, palming them and sucking on them until I was barely managing to contain a large moan. He slid his hands down my sides, then allowed them to rest on my hips for a moment before one moved behind me to grope my ass and the other moved to rub my pussy.
He quickly slipped a finger in, moving it around in uncomfortable ways that made me try to squirm away from him. He pumped another into me and began scissoring me. Now I couldn’t help it. I was already so wet and I subconsciously moved down against his fingers, trying to push them deeper into me. He pumped in another and I started to feel uncomfortable and by the fourth forced its way into me, his movements were painful. He pulled his fingers out and licked them clean seductively.
“Take it you're still a virgin?” he stated.
I blushed and looked away as a reply. He finally began taking his clothes off and I couldn’t help but watch as he removed his shirt, revealing his drool-worthy chest. However when his hardened cock sprang loose, I gulped nervously. How the hell was he planning on fitting that inside of me?!?!
Unexpectedly, he reached up and untied my hands, then pushed me to the floor. He grabbed my head and led it to his erection, it poking me in the face slightly.
“You know what I want.” He whispered sexily, though I could detect a threat beneath the words.
I took in a shaky breath, then licked the wet tip, grimacing at the bitter taste.
“More.” He commanded. I slid my mouth around his tip, moving farther down his shaft until I couldn’t fit anymore of him. I began bobbing my head and moved my hands to his base, to rub what I couldn’t fit in my mouth.
He moaned loudly and began bucking his hips into my mouth nearly making me choke a couple times. Then he wound his fingers into my hair and pulled me closer to him, forcing me to deep throat him. I tried to pull away but he wouldn’t let me. After I recovered I tried experimenting a little, flicking my tongue out to dance along him and sucking on him periodically.
Not too much later, he spilled his cum into my mouth. I pulled away, but not before his seed had filled my entire mouth. I made to spit it out, but Sasuke grabbed my chin and forced it back roughly.
“Don’t let it spill out. I want to see you swallow every last drop.” He said, forcing my mouth closed.
I grimaced, then swallowed the thick, bitter fluid, wrinkling my nose at the after-taste.
He smirked pushed me back up against the wall, opening my legs and wrapping them around his waist. I felt his tip enter me and felt uncomfortably stretched. He slammed his lips against mine to prevent me from screaming at the same time he slammed his whole member into me.
He started off hard, pounding relentlessly into me. It felt like every cell in my body was on fire and I was being torn in half at the same time.
Eventually the pain began to subside and I felt nothing but white-hot pleasure. A small part of me spoke out against the bliss, disgusted, but that part was easily ignored.
I gasped loudly as he hit a certain spot in me. “Sasuke! There, hit that spot again!”
He did, actually he pounded into over and over, never missing. I panted, feeling myself drawing to a close. I think Sasuke was to but I was too blissed out to really care.
“Ahhh! Sasuke!” I screamed as I came, my inner walls tightening around his member pulled him over the edge too.
“Oh God! Haromi!” he panted. Then quickly moved us both over to the bed dropped down onto it, holding me against his chest while he pulled the covers over us.
I had almost drifted to sleep when a loud knock reverberated through the room.
“Hey Sasuke, do you know where Haromi is? I can’t find her anywhere.” Called Kabuto through the door.
“Guess she escaped. Now go away before I kill you!” he yelled. Kabuto’s footsteps quickly faded away.
Sasuke sighed, “I guess I probably have to let you go now, since you ‘escaped’.”

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Gaara Lemon -Pay up

Name: Naomi
Age: 23

*Gaara’s POV*
I saw the lights and immediately knew I was in some serious shit.
“Where the fuck are you taking me?” I demanded of Temari, who was currently yelling at Kankuro that we could “totally” fit into a parking space that looked the size of a port-a-potty.
“Oh come on. Gaara, we’re just going to a club to have some fun. Now get that stick out your ass and just go with it.” She said, getting out of the car, tugging me along behind her. As she stepped through the door, she shoved me towards a random table and took off to the dance floor, yelling, “Go have some fun and don’t bother me!” as she went.
“Woohoo! Pay up, loser! I’ve got a royal flush!” gloated a girl at the table I’d just been thrown at. She snatched up the cash doled out by the sulking drunk she’d just beaten. “Who’s next?” she yelled. When no one stepped forward she spoke again, “Come on, ya’ll can't all be pussies!”
Her blue eyes fixed on me and I took a step back only to find myself knocked forward by a man who obviously didn’t want to become her next victim. “Hey, why don’t you sit there and I’ll take some money off ya? It’ll be fun!” she cheered, slamming me down into the seat across from her, then leaning closer to my face, “Come on, please? I promise I’ll go easy on you. At least, for the first few hands. So whaddya say?”
“Fine.” I said grumpily.
“Yaaay!!”She cheered. “Okay, how about whoever wins this one has to buy the other a drink?”
“Whatever.” I said unenthusiastically. She pouted, obviously not happy with my mood. Then she smirked. Shit. I thought. Maybe I should’ve just gone along with the drink thing and acted like I ate rainbows and had butterflies coming out of my ass.
“Know what? I changed my mind. If I win, you have to whatever I tell you for an entire hour, that includes acting like you're having fun. If you win, then I’ll drive you home. Sound good?” she asked, then muttered, “Not that you’ll win.” So I barely make out the words.
I smirked, a free ride home. Sweet. “Sure.”
I was so gonna win this.

I gaped at her hand. How could she have beaten me? I'm awesome at this. Then it clicked in my head. She’s cheating.
“That’s no fair you cheated!” I said.
“Have any proof?” she said sweetly, smiling innocently. She laughed, “Now you have to do whatever I say starting…” she looked at her watch, “NOW! First what’s your name?”
“Ok, Gaara. I’m Naomi. Now how about you go get me a drink? And get yourself one while you’re at it. Hey! Don’t glare at me I won, a deal’s a deal. Now off you go!” she said, shooing me away with her hands and propping her boots up on the table.
I went to get the drinks, walking quickly and glaring harshly at anyone who dared look at me. When I got back to the table, I plunked Naomi’s drink down next to her feet and sat down opposite her, then I took a cautious sip of whatever it was I had gotten. It tasted horrible and I made a face. Naomi noticed and laughed.
“What, you never had a beer before? Although, I admit they really don’t taste all that great. Hey! Come with me.” she said slamming her already empty mug on the table, reaching over and grabbing my wrist, then yanking me out of my seat through the sweaty crowd, up a flight of stairs and into an empty room. She flicked on a light, although it was so dim it didn’t really help much. After closing the door, she leaned against me, pushing me back into the wall, then pressed her lips to mine. When I didn’t turn away, she pulled back slightly and smiled. “That wasn’t too bad was it?” Then leaned in again.
“Who the hell do you think I am?” I said, roughly pushing her off me, then slamming her against the wall, kissing her back hard. “Letting a girl dominant? No way.” I scoffed when we pulled away for much needed air. I gripped her upper arms tightly then dragged her over to the bed, practically tossing her onto it. I clamored over her then kissed her again, letting my hands begin to wander…
*Naomi’s POV*
He tossed me roughly onto the bed then climbed on top of me. He kissed me again, his hands found the zipper of my vest and yanked it down, pulling the fabric away from my body. He fondled lightly with my breasts through my bra, eliciting an annoyed groan from me.
“More.” I gasped.
He squeezed my breasts harder, then removed my bra. He kissed my cheek, down my jaw, my neck until he got to my breasts. He kissed each one lightly, then gave me a short suck, only increasing my lust, then continued kissing down my stomach. He played teasingly with the waistband of my skirt before receiving a snappy, “Hurry up!” from me. He pulled down my skirt and panties with ease, then rubbed my clit with his thumb, making me moan. He leaned down and licked my opening lightly, causing me to instinctively buck my hips. He held me down and continued licking, my hands reached down, in an attempt to press him against me but he pinned my wrists to my sides. I whined and finally he stopped teasing and plunged his tongue deep inside me, mapping out my inner walls. My breathing became pants and I arched my back, moaning as I felt myself about to come.
He lapped up the liquid, then moved back up my body.
“You taste delicious.” He said with a smirk. As my head cleared, I noticed something.
“Hey, how come I'm naked but you’ve still got all of you clothes on?!?!” I yelped. He smirked again, then pulled his plain black t-shirt over his head and tossed it on the floor. I nearly drooled at the slightly of his well-toned chest.
“Like what you see?” he teased. I nodded, speechless. “Wanna see more?” he whispered seductively. Once again I nodded and he led my hands to his waistband. I slipped my thumbs into his pants, making sure I had his boxers too, then yanked them down quickly, exposing his erection. He kicked his pants off the rest of the way and they landed on the floor.
He positioned himself over me and asked, “You ready?”
This time I smirked, “I'm not a virgin, you don’t have to start off slow.”
He plunged all the way into me.
“Mmmmmh…. So big!” I said, as he began pounding in and out of me. “Harder, faster.” I commanded. He willingly complied, thrusting hard enough to the point where I would’ve been moved up the bed had he not had such a tight grip on me and vice versa. My nails were probably drawing blood from his back, my way I was digging into his skin, but he obviously didn’t mind.
Eventually, he hit my g-spot and I moaned louder than before. He smirked and then began pounding harder into it. I felt myself about to come and I tried to hold it back, failing as he thrust into me deeper than before. My walls spasmed around his member and he deposited his seed inside me. The hot sensation left white dancing across my eyesight and when my vision finally cleared, Gaara had pulled out of me and hugged me against his chest.
A thought occurred to me and I laughed quietly.
“What’s so funny?” Gaara questioned me.
“Nothing, just that it would have been smarter to wait ‘till the end of your hour to do this. Now the rest of it’s just going to be wasted on sleeping.”
“What are you talking about?” asked Gaara, sounding incredibly confused.
“I beat you at poker, remember? You’ve still got another fifteen minutes before your hour of doing whatever I told you to do is over.”
We both laughed lightly at this, then drifted to sleep.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Sasuke Lemon - Worthwhile

Name: Hikari Aino
Age: 15

Sasuke’s POV
I snuck off away from our small camp under the pretense of going to the bathroom. Once I got far enough away that no one could near me, I formed the seals for shadow clone jutsu and instructed it to go straight to bed as soon as it got back. Hopefully, Karin was still sleeping off her cold or allergies or whatever she had and wouldn’t notice the fake. They were a bit suspicious of what I was up to since I’d been acting a bit distracted, as much as I tried to hide it. They didn’t dare ask why, for fear of being killed.
I flew through the trees until I reached a small house on the side of the mountain facing the small village that my team had just passed through.
I stopped in front of the window and squinted in. She wasn’t home right now, probably in the village doing something of little importance. I frowned then smirked as a slightly devious thought came into my head. This would be the perfect setting for a little scare.
Hikari’s POV
I waved good bye to the little village children seeing me off as I walked back to my home on the mountain. I smiled and called, “See you guys soon!”
As I walked by the window, I could have sworn that I saw a flicker of movement in the house. I turned the knob and hesitantly opened the door. I didn’t see anyone so I stepped inside and closed the door. I walked towards the light switch which was inconveniently placed rather far from the door, or at least it seemed that way when it was dark and I was trying in vain not to trip. As my eyes adjusted, I saw something again, this time I was 100% positive that someone else was here. I whipped out a kunai and yelled, “Who’s there?”
The person moved suddenly, faster than I could see even if it wasn’t dark.
“Calm down it’s just me.”
He was behind me! Wait, I knew that voice!
“Put that away, it’s dangerous. You could cut yourself.” He said just barely managing to keep the chuckle out of his voice.
“Well, it’s your fault. You tried to scare me on purpose. I thought you were a stalker or something.” I said as I turned around to hug him. He didn’t bother to hug me back. I pulled away pouting and feigning hurt.
“I leave my village for you and this is the thanks I get? Well fine I’ll just go back home to Konoha.” I said then began stomping to the door. Sasuke’s hand flashed out and gripped my wrist. In a split second I was against his chest, with hardly a clue how I’d gotten there. He wrapped his arms tightly around me and whispered into my hair, “I missed you so much.” I smiled and turned around in his arms, then pressed my lips against his.
“I missed you, too.” I said when we pulled apart.
He slammed his lips against mine with such force that I stumbled back a few steps, making him move with me. His hands were moving up and down my sides, occasionally rubbing his thumbs over my breasts just to tease me. He slipped his hands over my ass, gave one squeeze then lifted me up. I wrapped my legs around his waist and he moved us to my bedroom, throwing me down onto the bed when we got there. His hands found my breasts and groped them through my shirt hard, making me moan. I could feel myself getting wetter with every hot passing second, I tried to ignore it, but it was like a big neon light in my head, telling me just how much I needed Sasuke, as if I didn’t already know.
“Sasuke… please.” I begged softly, knowing that I wasn’t going to get it that easy.
He quickly tugged the sash of my kimono, pulling it away from my body. He glared at the shorts, knowing that they would get in the way soon but did nothing about them. He smirked at me rubbed my breasts softly through my purple lace bra. I whimpered, hating his teasing. He lifted me up slightly then slid his hands around me to unclasp my bra, taking an excessive amount of time to do so. He leaned over and licked my nipple once, then pulled back smirking. I frowned then reached out and grabbed his dick through his pants. His eyes widened and he sucked in a deep breath. He glared at me then made to pull my hand away. I squeezed him harder and added my other hand, rubbing his head lightly with my thumb. He gasped then slipped his pants off, freeing his hardened member. I pushed him back and rubbed up and down his shaft, his hips bucking up irregularly into my hands. He glared at me and I smirked back as I lowered my head down to his dick. I licked his head then moved my hands to cup his balls. I began lick up and down his shaft, not putting him in my mouth just yet.
After a little while of my teasing, his hand reached down to grip my hair and tugged, not to where he pulled my hair out, but just so it hurt a little.
“Quit messing with me.” he hissed menacingly. I wrapped my mouth around the upper half of him, he was too big to go in all the way. Or so I thought. I wrapped on of my hands around the lower part of his shaft. I looked up at his face as I began sucking on him. His eyes were closed and he looked so sexy. I sucked him harder and he pushed me farther down on him, bucking up at the same time and forcing his whole dick down my throat. I almost choked but as soon as I recovered I began dancing my tongue around him, taking a break from that every now and then to suck. I could feel him throbbing in my mouth and he came not long after that, moaning loudly. After I swallowed, I was pushed roughly onto my back, then Sasuke entered me with no warning whatsoever.
I gasped slightly in pain as he pulled out only to slam back in even harder. He kissed me passionately as he continued thrusting, quickly picking up the speed and slamming harder. My hips bucked up against his, and I moaned loudly with every thrust. I could feel myself coming to an end quickly but Sasuke was as well.
I gasped as he hit my g-spot. My walls spasmed around him, sending him over. His seed came spilling into me and I moaned again at the feeling.
I was just beginning to catch my breath when Sasuke yanked me up, turned me over and propped me up on my hands and knees. He got over then entered me from behind, hitting my g-spot every time he thrust, forcing strangled yelps and gasps from me.
We both came sooner this time. He grabbed my breast as we screamed each other’s names. My arms gave out and he fell down on top of me. He flipped us over and held me tightly to his chest, still panting.
“I love you.” I whispered before I fell asleep.
“I love you too.” He said.